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Jogging – Health Benefits and How to Do it

Performing regular jogging gives better physical condition and other health benefits. Jogging also gives physical and mental pleasure.


Jogging on a regular basis give a distinct good effect upon the general health, provided it is not over-done. The effects are: * Jogging makes the heart stronger. It increases the capacity of the blood circulation and of the respiratory system. * It speeds up the digestive system and helps you get rid of digestive trouble. * It counteracts depression. * It increases the capacity to work and lead an active life. * Jogging makes you burn fat and thereby helps against over-weight. * If you suffer from poor appetite, jogging will improve your appetite. * Jogging will strengthens the muscles of your legs, hips and back. However you will not get very big muscles from jogging. * Jogging makes you sleep better.


Jogging gives you physical and mental joy, provided you do not exhaust yourself. When jogging is done correctly, you will actually feel less tired when you have finished a tour than before you began. You get nice feelings in your muscles during the jogging and afterwards.

You will feel the wind blowing around your body. You will hear the birds singing, the music of running water in the streams, or the sound of waves dashing towards the seashore. During the jogging you will also get a euphoric mental feeling after some time.


The type of clothes you were must be suited to the weather conditions. In warm weather, shorts and a t-shirt is enough. However, it may be useful to carry along an extra piece of clothe in a light back-pack if you run out on a long route, in case the weather aggravates. In colder weather you must add more layers of clothes. In either case, the requirements for the clothes are:

You should use light and soft clothes without any sharp sutures, hard edges or massive folds. They should sit fairly close to your body, but not so close that you feel squeezed, trapped, or so that your movements are hindered.

The clothes should give good ventilation for moisture and sweat and perspiration through the fabric. The fabric should ideally hold water totally out from the outside, but this requirement is difficult to achieve together with the requirement of good ventilation.

You should use fairly soft shoes, but with a good shape fitting the anatomical shape of your feet. The soles should easily bend during the normal movements of your feet, but support well against the ground. The underside of the sole should give friction against any type of grounds, so that you do not slide during jogging. The soles should buffer well against each impact from the ground.


Jogging may be performed in a lot of ways * Long distance jogging 6-20 km in a moderate speed on even roads or paths. * Short distance jogging 3-6 km in a high speed. * Jogging upwards in a steep terrain 3-4 km, in a speed adjusted to the steepness * Jogging in a hilly terrain with paths going both up an down 4-8 km

It is advisable to vary the type of jogging from day to day. Then the jogging gets funnier and you get a variable type of training.


You should move slowly with little efforts the first few hundred meters to warm up your muscles. Then you gradually increase your muscular work and speed. When you have done half the route, you can take a speedy spurt using most of your capacity. If the route is long enough, you can take two or three spurts using nearly full capacity.The last hundred meters you gradually slow down again.


It is advisable to stretch out both before and after each jogging session, and not only the muscles in your feet, but your whole body 2 minutes before and 3-4 minutes after the session. When stretching out do the following movements: * Bend forward and touch your toes. * Kneel down on one of your feet, and stretch the other out backwards. * Bend your body to both sides. * Stretch out an arm, grab something, and turn your body round so that your arm is bent backwards. * Shoot your abdomen foreword, so that your spinal column is stretched into a bow. * Place your hands behind your neck and stretch your arms backwards. Then twist your body to left and right, also bend to each side.

After the jogging it is sometimes best to wait for some minutes before you stretch out, so that the worst tiredness has gone away first.


If jogging is the only sport activity done, a jogging session every second day is ideal. This is enough to give all the health benefits and increase your condition and endurance gradually, but without wearing yourself out. If you combine jogging by other types of sport activities, 2 times a week may be enough. You should not be too hungry before jogging, but it is not advisable to take a jogging session straight after a big meal. The time of the day does not matter, but your jogging should not be the first thing you do in the morning.


If you are not accustomed to physical activity before you start jogging, it is advisable to consult a doctor before you start. You may have health issues that is not compatible with jogging activities, or that you must consider when doing your jogging.

The first times, you should only jog on plain ground and only for 10 minutes. Then you can increase the time, distance and speed, and choose steeper and more difficult paths.
Source by Knut Holt

Get Ripped Abs through Jogging

Jogging is a great form of exercise. In fact, regular jogging will give you ripped abs and it will also condition your legs well so that they are less prone to injury of any kind. Jogging is definitely a very good exercise for the body and the mind. Care must be taken while jogging.

If some people like jogging, so be it. Jogging is management of the body. The jogger says I am in control. Jogging is harder than walking because it requires more muscle to go faster, bounce up-and-down, breathe deeper, and balance. Running requires more effort than jogging, and is more intense.

Running up and down stairs or hill side, jogging or running, swimming, biking, rollar-blading or skating, dancing, shadow boxing, hiking, walking, and playing sports are also great activities and exercises to reveal your six pack abs. Running, biking, swimming, stair climbing, jumping rope, tennis, volleyball, dancing, squash or any other activity that gets you moving and keeps you moving is a great way to burn fat.

However, a cardiovascular workout should be performed for at least 20 MINUTES to burn fat. Running, biking, jumping rope or using any great cardio machine such as a crosstrainer is a great way to interval train your body. Start off by warming up for 5 minutes.

Workout indoors if weather doesnt’ permit you outuside. Run briskly around the house/office for 30 minutes. Or jog on the spot while watching TV for 20 minutes. Run, jump rope, play basketball, play racquetball, dance – do something that keeps you not only moving and working your heart, but also is fun. Studies show what most of us should probably assume – it’s a lot easier to keep exercising when it doesn’t feel like exercise. Don’t miss a days worth of training as it might get easier for you to neglect later on as well.

Jogging is a rigorous cardiovascular exercise that allows a person to burn an average of 100 calories per each mile he or she runs. Jogging is of benefit to the body as a whole, strengthening the cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation and toning up muscles. Jogging is like writing. Jogging is about individualism and it is also a sign of totalitarianism. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways.

Jogging is a very cheap way of keeping fit, because all that is needed is a good pair of running shoes . One can jog anywhere, although it is good to stay away from main roads where the air is full of traffic fumes . Jogging is a discipline, and while it is very enjoyable, it also takes a lot of determination.

Jogging is a portion of the groundwork that is sometimes
neglected in favor of the more important disciplines, yet in spite of this it is crucially important. At some competitions, especially those that judge for soundness, jogging is an important discipline in its own right.

Stay consistent with your jogging and watch your ripped abs pop out as you begin to enjoy it  more and more.
Source by Boyce Gomez

Yoga and its unimaginable benefits

We are all running for better and best things. Let’s pause for a minute to think if we are on the right track. By right track, we do not imply anything professional but are referring to health and fitness. The good old saying ‘health is wealth’ always holds true because without physical well-being one cannot achieve anything.

Yoga teaches people the essential asanas and breathing techniques (pranayama) to keep diseases at bay. The yoga videos in this network demonstrate postures in an easy to understand way. Overall health is improved with the practice of yoga on a regular basis. It should be perceived as a way of life and not simple as a hobby to flaunt. The yoga poses taught in the videos will leave you with unimaginable benefits. There are different types of yoga: Hatha Yoga, vinyasa, Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Bikram yoga, Kundalini yoga, Power yoga and yin yoga. And then there is Acroyoga which is a physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics. Yoga strengthens the body and keeps the internal organs healthy. A lot of myths are associated with yoga. For instance, yoga is only for the older lot and patients, it doesn’t yield results and requires a lifestyle change. It is a wrong notion that yoga requires you to sacrifice your favorite food, clothes and lifestyle. Turning into a vegan is entirely an individual’s choice. A lot of people who practice yoga enjoy their chicken biryani while they also enjoy yoga.

A lot of people relate yoga to a weight loss treatment but yoga has something more deeper to offer. The purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body. Yoga means union: the union of soul with the higher form. Proper breathing, relaxation, eating, exercise and positive thinking are all an intrinsic part of yoga. Together these five things help an individual achieve the union.

Yoga asanas

The above mentioned points can be achieved through the following:

1. Proper breathing: Pranayama

2. Proper Exercise: Asana

3. Proper relaxation: Savasana

4. Proper eating: Satvik diet

5. Positive thinking: Meditation

Although there are different styles of teaching yoga, all the styles focus on the above mentioned. Pranayama is the regulation of prana or life force. It is believed that it is not the number of breaths we take but the length of breaths that matter. The longer breaths we take, longer we live.

Asanas are for the body and unlike conventional exercises yoga strengthens the body from within. Yoga is for keeping the internal organs healthy too. There are about 850000 asanas which is equal to the number of lifeforms on earth.

Relaxation is as important as the asanas and breathing because a chaotic mind and body do no good. Savasana (corpse pose) helps the body relax to the core. A calm body elevates the mind.

A proper diet often refers to a satvik one in yoga. Due to our fast paced life, we have lost focus on what we eat. But we become what we eat and this is proven. Spicy, stale and processed food is a big no in order to stay healthy physically and mentally.

Positive thinking is achieved with meditation that lets one’s mind focus on the breath instead of random thoughts. Thoughtlessness is very difficult to achieve. Even if we could sit for 2 min without any thoughts, we are there. Practise helps!

Surya namaskar (sun salutation) has some important yoga postures and is the best way to start a yoga session. Sirsasana, sarvaangasana, halasana, matsyasana, paschimotanasana, bhujangasana, salabhasana, dhanurasana, ardhamatsyendrasana, paadahastana, trikonasana are some common and main asanas in any practice. Most asanas have counter poses too to neutralize the physical postures. The names of asanas are derived from Sanskrit terms.

Though yoga asanas benefit the overall body and help keep diseases at bay, following are the broad benefits of yoga:

  1. Yoga strengthens the respiratory system by increasing the lung capacity to inhale and exhale.
  2. Yoga aids in better digestion and elimination.
  3. Sleep is considered as important as food and exercise. Yoga helps you have a sound sleep. Time to say goodbye to insomnia with yoga.
  4. Stronger muscles, shinier eyes and better circulation of blood is possible with yoga.
  5. There is something called prenatal yoga for the pregnant ladies for their overall health and easy delivery of baby.
  6. While yoga is often thought of as a tool to help us find ease in the body, quiet the mind, it can also be a way of helping us tap our creative self.
  7. After a good session of yoga and meditation you feel much relaxed and anger is at a distance.
  8. Yoga increases the flexibility in the body and body is ever active.

Wishing that more and more people realize the unimaginable benefits of yoga and start practicing. When are you heading for a yoga session?
Source by Prinay Kumar