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Weight Training – Is It Okay for Young Kids?

Weight training is a form of exercise that is usually done in order to increase strength, size and shape of muscles. When performed properly, this form of exercise can be very effective and results are visible after just a few months of consistent training. Apart from the physical results, the training also helps in general health and well being by fastening the metabolism of the body. This form of training can benefit the young and the old. However, for anyone suffering from a serious disease, for example, heart problems, they should first consult their doctor before commencing any form of physical training.

For young children weight training is recommended. This is important for children who participate in active sports or athletics. It is also very helpful for children who just want to improve their body image. Before a child begins a training program, they should first have a thorough check up to ensure that they are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to start training. It is also important that the child be made aware of the proper techniques so as to reduce injuries on their developing muscles. For this purpose, it is very important that the child trains with a trained professional who can come up with appropriate programs that are different from those used by adults.

It is impossible to put enough emphasis on the importance of safety in the gymnasium. Children should not be allowed near the machines and especially the weights unsupervised as this can be a recipe for disaster. Children should be encouraged to adequately stretch before beginning and after every weight training session. It is also very important to do things in moderation and they should be encouraged not to take on too much too soon. They should start with very small weights and slowly progress as their muscles adjust appropriately. To prevent dehydration during training, children should be advised to drink water regularly while training. They should also be encouraged to eat a balanced diet.

Apart from introducing a child to early a healthy lifestyle, there are many other benefits to a child who does weight training. These benefits include;
• Improving the child self-esteem
• Helps child metabolism, making it maintain a reasonable weight
• Strengthens the bones of the child while helping reduce injury to the muscles and joints
• Helps to improve strength and endurance for children who are actively engaged athletics
• Helps a child improve their posture
Source by Peter Gitundu