What Is HIIT and Is It Beneficial?

Hello, Today I am writing about H.I.I.T or high intensity interval training. H.I.I.T is all about your intervals in your workout routine or the reps you do on your exercises. H.I.I.T has many benefits to your fitness workout and below I will tell you how and why. To start with, high intensity interval training is used in your cardio workouts. By doing the high intensity workouts you will increase the amount of calories you are burning in less than 40% of your normal workout time. This is perfect if on certain days you are under some time constraints. You will do 5-15 reps,or intervals at 100% of your limit. By that, I mean, you do go ALL out for those reps. Then you rest a short time and do the same amount at about 50% of your ability. Sort of a cool down period. You want to go back and forth on each interval between the all out capacity and the half capacity. Always do 5-10 minutes of a light warm up before starting HIIT maybe ride the exercise bike at half speed or jog for 5 minutes or so. Take note that when you do cardio workouts they are normally a steady pace. That is the difference. There are many benefits to doing the high intensity intervals. As I mentioned above, they are great if you have time constraints. Normal cardio at a steady pace will burn calories during your workout and for a brief period after. With the high intensity cardio workout, you will burn calories almost all day. So, doing the same reps at high intensity levels, you burn way more calories than your workout at your normal pace in a lot less time. Doing the high intensity workout is very fast paced. You will be concentrating on the workout and not staring off into space like you do in your slower paced regular cardio. You stay plugged in so to speak. If you do it right and don’t cheat, you will never get bored because you will be totally exhausted. Lastly, and I shouldn’t need to mention this, it is an awesome cardio workout. The best you can get. Now, how to do HIIT Again, you will be doing 5-15 intervals and alternating between 100% capacity and 50% capacity. How many intervals and how long you do them depends on what shape you are in. The whole workout shouldn’t last more than 15-20 minutes though. One example would be to bike. Use a harder gear and pedal as fast as you can for 20-30 seconds, then hit an easier gear and pedal half speed for 40 seconds to a minute and catch your breath, then back up to the harder gear and pedal your butt off for another 30+ seconds and so on. The high intensity interval training is excellent for sprinting/jogging or swimming. You could sprint all out for 20-40 seconds the walk for about a minute and catch your breath and let the muscle burn subside, then do it all again and again. trust me, after a few of these, you will be totally exhausted but will be burning fat and calories and an unbelievable rate. You will lose the fat in no time and sculpt your body too. That about covers it for now. I hope you incorporate the high intensity interval training into your workout routine. The benefits are great. As with any workout program, make sure you are healthy enough to do it. Also, start this interval training slowly if you aren’t in peak condition. You don’t want to pull any muscles or do anything that will slow or halt your progress to the body you desire. Thanks For Reading, Scott

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