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Pulse Oximeter technology provides runners with portable health monitoring devices

Running is one of the most basic and effective exercises that a person can do. It requires nothing more than a pair of good running shoes and the open space to run. Those that truly enjoy and love their sport of running only understand the importance of the exercise and how you always strive to improve on yourself. However, these individuals also a lot of times are not aware of the dangerous side effects or health problems that could potentially occur if the runner is not paying attention to their vital signs. One of the biggest issues that occurs with runners is that they may over extend themselves while running and actually push their heart to dangerous levels. Their heart beat may get to points  that their heart can not handle and thus may even risk having a heart attack. However, there is a way and method to monitor the heart especially the pulse rate of runners to ensure that they are not going past what is healthy and is the limit of that specific individual. This method is by way of using a pulse oximeter.

A pulse oximeter is a health device that has been used for many years. The difference between what is being used right now in the health field as opposed to what was being used previously is the size and portability of the oximeter. Previous generations of oximeters were not only expensive but they also definitely were not portable. They were heavy and bulky and could only be placed in a patient room in a hospital or clinic without the ability to be moved. The most important aspect of a pulse oximeter is the fact that it measures pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation with incredible speed and accuracy. You simply place your finger inside the pulse oximeter and within seconds a reading is created that represents your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. So how does this device relate to runners you ask? Well it is a portable vital sign monitoring device that will accurately measure the pulse rate of the runner and when the runner is exceeding healthy levels as far as pulse rate the device will sound an alarm that will alert the runner to slow down and take it a bit easier. The design of the device is made to not only be portable but also withstand the rocky environment of the area where the runner will be running. The durability of the device allows it to be used for many years to come. In addition to pulse rate, the runner can also measure their SpO2 levels in order to determine whether their body is receiving enough oxygen. The reason why this is important is because oxygen is necessary to all forms of life and it must be utilized in order for life to continue. The runner must ensure that he or she is getting enough oxygen while exercising so that no health problems occur. A pulse oximeter is truly any runner’s exercise companion wherever they decide to go.
Source by Jacob Walters